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Knowledge Shh..! Don’t Tell Anyone!

Shh..! Don’t Tell Anyone! No-brainer Software Shoots Your Site to #1 on Google… “Generate 1,000’s of Backlinks from Authority .EDU/GOV Wiki Sites Totally Hands-Free!” So Easy and Automated Even a Lazy Bum Can Do It!JUST WATCH THE DEMO VIDEO BELOW IN FULL SCREEN! Video not loading for you? Watch on YouTube instead. How is WIKI Bomber Different? Humongous Database of Wiki Sites – Our server-side script actively looks for footprints, scrapes new sites and removes non-working ones so you don’t have to. Typical 50%++ success rate! Multiple CMS Support – Why restrict yourself to just MediaWiki sites? Our software posts to WikkaWiki, MacOS Wiki, TWiki and more to come soon! Randomized Usernames – Random usernames are generated for each and every single Wiki site to eliminate footprint across your campaign. If you post an article to 10k+ sites, 10k+ unique usernames will be used. Auto-generated Unique Username DB – Built-in database of first and last name are used to generate an infinite number of unique usernames for your campaigns. Multi-threaded Account Creator – You can run up to 50 threads at once. No more waiting for accounts to be registered, Wiki Bomber will create 50 accounts in a single query. Multi-threaded Wiki Poster – The article submission process is also multi-threaded up to a maximum of 50 threads. Wiki Bomber is the fastest Wiki Poster available on the market!…
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